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Earlier this year I wrote about how the job market had become a truly candidate driven marketplace. We continue to see strong hiring and a real talent shortage in the Retail Home Furnishings sector. This is being driven by a low Unemployment rate of (4.6%) and the white collar worker segment is nearing full employment.  An accelerating level of “boomer” retirements is also shrinking the number of qualified candidates in the Retail Labor market.

Now is a great time to refresh your resume at the end of the year. The Furniture and Sleep niche is in a highly specialized space ans regardless of whether you are a rising star NEXTGEN or a mid career professional, we believe that having a great resume at the ready is always important. We also believe you should get assistance from an expert in resume creation and marketing.

Below are some tips from a leading resume writing expert Kathryn Tamblyn. “We believe executive candidates can make themselves stand out from the crowd with a great resume.  They should also make sure that their Linked in profile compliments their resume.

Does your LinkedIn profile work for you?

Being on LinkedIn is a must for every executive job seeker.  In fact, 9 out of 10 employers and recruiters will want to see your LinkedIn profile before they will invite you for a job interview. Therefore, having a compelling LinkedIn profile is a smart thing to do.

LinkedIn is your ‘online resume’:

LinkedIn profiles have the components of your ‘regular’ resume such as a summary, education, experience and special skills.  The way you present these determines how companies will perceive you as a potential hire.  Employers can see LinkedIn profiles 24/7, and if the descriptions are minimal (as frankly most LinkedIn descriptions are), they may not be impressed.

As with resumes, average candidates with superior profiles often get better offers than superior candidates with second-rate profiles. It may be impressive that well-known companies employed you or that you have prestigious job titles. However by themselves, these factors are not enough.

What makes a really great profile?

A solid LinkedIn profile has substance and sophistication. It shows not only where you have worked and for how long, but also gives a persuasive synopsis of what you accomplished, implicitly suggesting how your experience can help potential employers achieve their goals. Great LinkedIn profiles articulately communicate one’s signature value and strengths that positively differentiate a particular executive from other leaders.

Strong LinkedIn profiles also have an abundance of relevant keywords. When employers look for candidates, they usually seek definite talents and skills. Having a profile rich with contemporary industry terms and expressions gives you a competitive advantage and demonstrates that you are a proficient candidate.

How to prepare your superior profile:

The easiest and most logical way to prepare a compelling LinkedIn profile is to first prepare an outstanding ‘regular’ resume. Then, you can effortlessly paste the key elements of your resume into your LinkedIn profile.  As a result, you’ll have the best of both worlds – a powerful regular and an online executive resume.

After you paste your resume information on LinkedIn, you can add other personal components such as a photo, memberships, and connections. It’s really straightforward. Bear in mind that content quality and relevance are the most important parts of your profile, so revamp it when you update your main resume.

Having a picture on our L/I profile is very important says Bill O’Malley. Based on Linked in stats you have a much stronger chance of having more profile views than those that only have a blank circle on their profile.

Here are some tips for getting this completed. Find a local photography studio and tell them you are doing a Linked in profile headshot.  The photography studios in malls or chain stores are all set up for this and will usually do a great job and for a reasonable rate.

Do wear the appropriate business outfit and make sure you are comfortable.  Have someone accompany you…someone that can make you laugh, feel natural and give you feedback.

Do not include your spouse, friend, pets or anyone else in your business headshot. 

In summary, your LinkedIn profile is an essential part of your executive job search and career advancement.  By keeping your profile current, substantial and appealing, you will improve your executive appeal and increase your career options.  Happy job hunting!

Want Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile Optimized For Success?  We recommend Katherine Tamblyn – Senior Resume Specialist at or get in touch with Katherine on LinkedIn at www.linkedin/in/resumewritingprofessional