Finding Impact Player Talent is what we do

We help you do what you do best work with your customers and leave the search to us!

We are different because we conduct a personal on-site assessment visiting every client before starting a search. During this informative session we will assess the culture, strategy and vision to understand your unique value proposition.  This ensures that we align and optimize the executive fit.


Our Proven Process


Grow your team

Fill those critical roles fast. You can rely on us as your trusted resource to discreetly reach into your competition and bring them to you at your pace.

find top talent

We focus on executive leaders the Top 5% who are working and passive (not on job boards) and that are invisible except to those dedicated to work to uncover them.

GAIN peace of mind

We’ll save you time providing (3) pre-screened and video interviewed executives creating a pipeline funnel.


eliminate time wasted

with less than optimal fits.

STreamlined process

We eliminate the need to go through stacks of resumes.

a true one-stop Firm

Expand into new areas i.e., E-Commerce/Digital store platforms filling those highly skilled positions.


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