We are pleased to highlight this month a copy of the 2018 Performance Management Study completed by the MRINETWORK our parent company.  Our office is part of a Global network of over 1,500 recruiters worldwide who work each year to provide outstanding in-depth real-world data and tips from the trenches.

In October of last year, our marketing department conducted the 2018 MRINetwork Performance Management Survey, surveying candidates and employers across the U.S. to assess strategies that hiring authorities are leveraging to attract and retain talent vs. what employees and candidates want employers to prioritize. Hiring authority and candidate attitudes were also compared on recruitment tactics, including perks and other concessions that employers are making to hire top talent in a tight candidate market.

At our office we definitely see an emphasis on perks in the Furniture and Appliance verticals.

Relocation - Candidates are not relocating as readily or changing jobs without serious consideration and motivation including a healthy bump in compensation and vacation time. This is being driven by competitive market forces. They know that another opportunity may be just around the corner if they stay in place.

Health Insurance and Paid Time off – This area continues to be big issue as well and the cost of Health Insurance is causing financial pressure with candidates transitioning from company to company. These include large Cobra costs and differences in coverage company to new company can impact a candidate’s decision.

Counter Offers - Another trend we've seen is a big increase in counter offers. We take measures on every search to prevent counter-offers from happening. We work with the client to pipeline the candidate’s rapidly while synergies exist and we work with the candidate/executives to know their salary requirements job transition and relocation capabilities.

We hope you enjoy this study which details the top workforce challenges that employers will be prioritizing in 2019.