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Bill O’Malley, Managing partner

Connector Team Recruiting is Bill O’Malley’s vision and passion and it was founded with a single commitment and business philosophy and guiding principle to “do the right thing always.”  Bill is highly engaged and passionate about the search process.

Our office Connector Team Recruiting, Inc. is an affiliate office of the MRINetwork® the largest and most successful recruitment organization in the world. We are the Premier Search Firm in the Furniture verticals and it’s why leading consultants and companies refer our firm to work with their clients.

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We have been infusing talent into the Furniture, Mattress & Appliance verticals since 2012.

The cornerstone of our business is to help you build a high performance team using our experience and know-how as hiring experts.

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It was August of 1977 and Bill O’Malley walked into a Warehouse Distribution Center at the age of 18 for an interview with a Warehouse Manager at the Levitz Furniture Warehouse/Showroom in Mesa AZ. The job was described by a friend as a part time picker.  As Bill recalls he had never shopped for furniture before. He had grown up in a very large family with 13 children and loving parents. “My parents were always too busy putting food on the table which was more important than having new furniture. Everyone in our family worked hard and contributed in some way - I learned a lot of life lessons at an early age. I had never been in a large distribution center before that day and the sights, sounds and size of the building really energized me. The Warehouse Manager promptly gave me a large red belt and said come on, I want to interview you in my office.  The next thing I knew he had me tethered to a high bay picker and had taken me up to the 7th level. This was approximately thirty-two feet high and he asked me to step off the platform onto the racking. There on the 7th level sat two dining room chairs where I had to answer his interview questions.  I guess I passed the interview since I was asked to start the next week. All I can say was that from that moment forward – I was hooked on the Furniture Industry. Within one year I was running that same warehouse. In those early years I enjoyed all of the various jobs that I held in Distribution, Merchandising, Sales and Store Management and I never looked back.


Fast forward to 1999, after a career that took him up into the Boardroom while working with a couple of national Furniture retailers, Bill decided to start his own recruiting firm. Using the limited material found in the early days of the Internet, he put together a plan, launched a website, printed a brochure and headed to High Point Market and Resource Center. After performing search work with over 150 clients over the next 6 years in a small boutique firm setting, Bill sold his firm in 2006. He decided he wanted to go back into a leadership role within the industry and continue on his quest to learn more and lead people again.  He was hired by Macy’s Logistics and Operations and he went out to Los Angeles to turn around the struggling Furniture and Bedding Distribution centers in Southern and Northern California.

In 2012, after 5 years of success and helping his team and operation be awarded National Awards for service, Bill realized that his true calling and passion was returning to recruitment and executive search. With a sound business platform and prior recruitment firm lessons he aligned himself with the best direct hire recruitment firm in the country MRINETWORK. Within months Bill emerged from some of the best classroom interactive Recruitment training and was quickly was up and running Connector Team Recruiting. With his wife Buffy they worked hard in the early years to build the premier search firm in the Furniture | Mattress and Appliance verticals.

Connector Team Recruiting and Executive Search are now finishing our 7th year of business and we have enjoyed great success. Bill believes in the value of hard work. “My parents always stressed the importance of hard work and giving back.  Connector Team Recruiting is among so many companies that have shown consistent support for giving back as a core value and we will continue on with that mission.”

Snow Basin Ski Resort in Utah

Snow Basin Ski Resort in Utah

HFA Tradeshow

HFA Tradeshow

Bill lives with his wife, and partner Buffy Johanson in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Bill can be found with his dog Jack by his side who holds a very special title as the firm’s Corporate Security Manager.

When not in the office Bill can be often be found on the trails around Crozet, VA including the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains or taking in a UVA game.

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Giving Back

When you allow Connector Team Recruiting to be your partner in executive search, we want you to know how our firm is committed to making a difference in the world we live in.

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What inspires us…

I was raised in Cleveland, Ohio by two amazing and hard working parents John and Ruth O’Malley. Although we never had many a lot of material things in my early years, we were taught to share, contribute and the meaning of hard work.  Those humble beginnings growing up in a large family taught me the value of doing things the right way and giving back.

At Connector Team we’ve had great success and and we are thankful for the success and our achievements to date.  

Keeping that in mind we’ve made a commitment as a company to Give Back and donate a percentage of our profits to support the following organizations:


City of Hope


St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital


Christmas is our favorite Holiday within our household. I truly enjoy sitting down in December and taking a look back at the year and sharing in our success by writing checks. This is our continued commitment to give back towards those less fortunate and to help in searching for a cure.

This happens because of you…we can make this commitment because of our success.

We thank you for your support.

Bill O’Malley, Managing Partner